# Welcome to Ari Horesh's Medical School Notes and Knowledge Mind Map Hello! I'm Ari Horesh, a medical student devoted to the continuous learning and sharing of medical knowledge. My journey has led me to create this open-source project which houses a vast and interactive mindmap of medical topics. Through this platform, I aim to foster a collaborative environment where individuals, regardless of their expertise level, can explore, learn, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of medicine. ## How Do I Study? My Study Technique **==My approach to studying and understanding medical science is rooted in fostering a deep and intrinsic curiosity. It's about unearthing the interconnectedness among fundamental subjects, and engaging with the material in a dynamic and interactive way.==** **Here’s a glimpse into the logic that fuels this website and my educational journey:** - **Inquisitive Mindset:** At the core, it begins with asking probing questions: - _Why is this information relevant?_ - _Who discovered or developed this concept?_ - _When was it established and how has it evolved over time?_ - _How did they arrive at this conclusion?_ - _Why is it important to me as a medical student and eventually as a doctor?_ - _How does a particular aspect of a concept or phenomenon come to be its size, shape, or form?_ - **Analytical Engagement:** Whenever there's a graph or visual data, I delve into it by: - _Manipulating variables to hypothesize potential outcomes._ - _Understanding the implications of missing or altered data._ - _Exploring what different values or conditions signify._ - **Conceptual Integration:** Each piece of information is a part of a larger puzzle. I strive to: - _Identify the connections between new knowledge and fundamental concepts._ - _Understand where and how to anchor new information within the broader medical landscape._ - **Question Formulation:** With a grasp on the material, I challenge myself further by: - _Creating questions that my professors might ask._ - _Crafting queries that provoke deeper understanding and critical thinking._ - **Teaching and Sharing:** The cycle culminates in sharing the knowledge: - _Explaining concepts to the audience on this website, ensuring accuracy and clarity._ - _Engaging with the community to foster a collaborative learning environment._ The continuous loop of ==*Asking Questions > Understanding Relevancy > Developing Curiosity > Identifying Connections > Formulating Questions > Teaching*== is not just my method of mastering medical science, but also the essence of the learning experience offered on this platform. Through this website, I extend an invitation to you to dive into this enriching cycle, explore the mind map, and become an active participant in this collaborative venture of continuous learning and discovery. Together, we can delve deeper, ask better questions, and cultivate a shared understanding that propels us forward in the medical field. ## About Me - Ari Horesh ![[AriPFP.png]] - I am a medical student at the university of Pavia, Italy. - I run multiple educational projects. EnterMedSchool.com and LionBot.org. - I am interested in preventative medicine and a long-term approach with patients. - I have the hope to one day have my own small private clinic, grow my own food, and work from home focusing on my family. - I love researching about study techniques, psychology, and behavioral biology. This open mind map is pretty much my second brain, you can use it if you want to know everything I know and understand how I think and study. - I am currently working to save up for my future, and help my parents finally retire. My project EnterMedSchool.com allows me to save up! - I run small classes where I teach medical aspirants biology and chemistry, but mainly how to think critically and tackle logic based admission exams. ## About the Medical Knowledge Mindmap The Medical Knowledge Mindmap is an extension of my passion for medicine, education, and community collaboration. Hosted on my website and powered by Obsidian.md, this mindmap is designed to provide a structured and layered learning experience for medical students, professionals, or anyone interested in the medical field. By navigating through the mindmap, users can explore medical topics ranging from fundamental concepts to advanced subjects. ### Features 1. **Layered Learning Experience**: The mindmap is organized hierarchically, allowing users to start with general concepts and delve deeper into more specialized topics as they progress. 2. **Community Contributions**: Encourages medical professionals, educators, and students to contribute their knowledge, ensuring a rich and accurate resource. Contact me to contribute. 3. **Linked Topics**: Utilizes Obsidian.md's linking feature to interconnect related topics, providing a coherent and navigable learning pathway using the visual mindmap on the right top corner of this website. 4. **Regular Updates**: The mindmap aims to stay current with the latest medical advancements and guidelines through continuous updates. It's pretty much my second brain, and I keep updating it when I learn something new. 5. **Accessible and Open**: This project is open-source and encourages sharing and adaptation of the material under a Creative Commons License. ### Using My Summaries The content of this Medical Knowledge Mindmap is for educational private use only. But if you want to share it, you have to give me credit by linking the page you sourced the text from, so people will get to know this project, and **contact me before you do it to get permission to do so.** ## Get in Touch I'm always open to discussions, collaborations, and feedback. Feel free to contact me directly at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find this repository to be a valuable resource in your medical learning journey! > **Disclaimer:** The information and resources provided on this website are for educational purposes only and are provided "as is" without any warranties, either express or implied. While effort has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, there may be errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. The use of the information obtained from or through this website is at the user's own risk. It's advisable to consult with qualified medical professionals for personalized medical advice or treatment. I, Ari Horesh, along with any contributors to this website, assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content provided, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon