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StudyLion Bot – The best discord public study servers bot: virtual study rooms,
Pomodoro timers, to-do lists, achievements, leaderboard, moderation system, and more!

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In the past couple of years, we noticed a new trend on Discord – instead of being a platform designed only for gamers, many students joined it as well, forming communities dedicated to studying and working together.

I have a study community myself called The Study Lions. The community members decided to raise funds and hire an amazing developer that created our own unique study bot, which we initially named “LionBot”. As soon as we published it, hundreds of the students started using its features and our virtual study rooms as well! Over the months we got many suggestions so we kept updating and adding more and more features to the bot!

If you know me you probably read about my projects (if not, feel free to check the link!), you probably saw that I am promoting free education through my non-profit educational projects for a few years now. I decided to invest further and make the bot public, so more study servers will be able to enjoy it as well, this way we can connect all study servers and create a network of students!

Do you want more people in your virtual study rooms? Do you want to motivate them to study more, work out, share their tasks, interact, be rewarded and so much more? The StudyLion Bot has all of the features every study server would need, and it’s absolutely free.

Requirements to invite the beta version of StudyLion to your server: A moderation team willing to learn about the bot and moderate the members to prevent the users from cheating and update me on bugs and suggestions from the users.

As the servers are connected through our ‘global system’, servers and members that are using the bot to cheat or ‘farm’ points will be blacklisted.

To join our network and invite the bot, email me your Discord server link at [email protected]

StudyLion Bot – Features

Camera-only Study Rooms

In specific channels, users must use their webcam to study.

This feature invloves a mute system for people who join without using their webcam multiple times.

To-Do List


Users can create and share their own to-do lists, and get rewards when completing a task!

This feature is global, and users can view and edit their To-Do list on every server that hosts the StudyLion.


Reminders! Users can set their own private reminders, to drink water, stretch, or anything else they want to remember, every X minutes, hours, days, or maybe even just once.

Accountability Rooms

This one is a unique feature we are very proud of. This feature allows the users to use their coins to schedule a time to study at. If they attend on time and study for the entire session, they will get a bonus, but if they don’t, they prevent everyone in that room from getting the bonus.

All of the users will be notified a few minutes before the session starts. They can schedule the sessions in their own timezone. In the future, with enough support, we will add the ability to sync the sessions with Google Calendar.


Users can view their daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time stats, as well as their study streak.

Users can also view their leaderboard position in the global (every server that uses the bot) or local (within the server itself).

Pomodoro Timer

The bot will show the timer in the title of the study room and play a sound at the start and end of each session. It can even notify your users when they start and finish each session, and kicking them out of the rooms if they are not active, to prevent cheating.

Private Study Rooms

Allows the members to create their own private study rooms and invite their friends to join!

In the future we will allow the users to host their own Pomodoro timer in their private study room, the users can only see their own study room, creating their own private section on your server.

Workout Rooms

Allows the Admins to create workout rooms with a bonus for people who workout (encourages people to stay healthy after sitting for the entire day).

You don’t have to implement this feature on your server, but we highly suggest you to do so!

Study Tiers and Achievements

Reward users for their total study time, allow them to get better ranks, and show off how long they’ve been working.

This feature is completely customizable.

Full-Scale Economy System

Name your own currency, reward users for studying, allow them to use the coins to buy private study rooms, schedule accountability rooms, and even change their name’s color.

This feature is completely customizable. Users can transfer coins to each other.

Full-Scale Moderation System

Punish cheaters, audit-log, welcome message, and so much more using our full-scale moderation system.

Please join our support server and let us know about any feature you want to see in the future, for the moderators, or in general.


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