How To Configure StudyLion Bot On Your Discord Server

Just follow this step by step tutorial to start setting up StudyLion Bot on your Discord server

Step 1: Configure the basics

Use the !config command to open the configuration menu

event_log: The channel where the bot will send its autit log messages. Very important to set-up.

To use, create a room and copy its ID (to check IDs you need to active developer mode in Discord) using the following command:

!config event_log {ID here}

For example:

Set an Admin and a Moderator role, to allow your staff to access the configuration as well, for example:

The rest are as easy as the first one:

unranked_roles: The basic role user will get if they just arrived into the server

donator_roles: If you have donors in your server, you can configure their roles using this feature, it will allow you to unlock features only for your donors if you want in the future.

untracked_channels: Voice channels that you don’t want the bot to consider as study channels, therefore their study time in !stats won’t increase when they use these Voice channels.

hourly_reward: Reward given when studying for 1 hour in a study room

hourly_live_bonus: Bonus reward for sharing the screen or turning on the webcam in the study rooms

min_workout_length: The minimal time a user must stay in a workout voice channel in order to get a workout bonus

workout_reward: The reward a user gets for completing a workout

workout_channels: Set voice channels to be considered as workout channels

task_limit: How many tasks can one have at the same time?

task_reward: The reward a user gets for each completion of a task

task_reward_limit: How many times per 24 hours can a user get the reward bonus

rent_category: sets the category where the private study rooms will be created under.
rent_member_limit: How many users are allowed to join a private study room

rent_price: The price you have to pay if you want to rent a study room for 24 hours

accountability_category: The category that the scheduled accoutnability study rooms will appear under

accountability_lobby: The channel where you want to bot to send the accountability room notification to

accountability_price: How much does it cost to schedule a session?

accountability_bonus: The bonus all users will get if everyone attended the accountability session.

accountability_reward: The reward a user will get for attending.

Step 2: Study Ranks / Badges

This feature allows you to create and manage the roles your users will get for studying X hours in your study rooms. You can fully configure when and what role they will get.

Here is an example of the roles hierarchy on my server

If you run the command !help [command], you can learn more about a specific command, in our example, I used !help studybadges:

Commands to set up study badges on Discord

In order to create a role, I need to use !studybadge -add [name of the role], [time]. You can even add multiple roles ad just seperate them into different line, like so:

Create study badges for your server

This command will create a set of roles which is similar to mine. You can change the names and the time, but the concept is the same for the creating of the roles. Don’t forget to change the colors, sequence, and display the role in your member list.

Don’t forget to edit your roles!

The next things would be to set up your !shop. The shop allows you to setup coloursed roles the users can buy using their coins. (You will have to change the color in the Role’s page, but use the command to set everything up)

You can do it quite easily using a similar command to what we already did for the study badges:

Colored roles shop setup

If you have roles with very similar names, the bot won’t create new roles but will use the correct roles with the similar names, this will allow servers with existing colored roles to configure the bot.

This is pretty much it for the configuration, we will create a guide on how to use the bot as a user in the next few days.