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If you do not like how things are, change them -Jim Rohn

The quote above by Jim Rohn has been ringing in my head for a while now. After I decided to take the entrance exam to the medicine course in Italy, I was stunned to see the sea of over-priced courses and books that were available back then. I couldn׳t stay still and do nothing, I knew I could create something better – for free, and a few months later, “” Was born – a non-profit website with plenty of study materials I wrote myself for the medical aspirants.

We helped over 12,000 students to study for the exams for free. That was the first change I made in this world, and I am not planning to stop.

Future goals for EnterMedSchool

  • Finish working on a free online course for the IMAT (Italian Medical Admission Exam).
  • Run a free Zoom class for hundreds of people who can't afford to pay for a course.
  • Publish new content for the NEET (1.6m Students), BMAT (40k students), UKCAT, MCAT (400k students) exams as well.

The Study Lions (Discord Server)

The Study Lions Logo

From High school students to Postdoctoral researchers, the StudyLions community is where everyone comes to study.

This server is where my students and audience can come and meet in a single place.

My YouTube Channel

A short clip from one of my streams

My YouTube channel is probably the reason you are reading this right now. I created this channel a couple of years ago to promote EnterMedSchool.
I was looking for ways to motivate my students and decided to use the same channel to stream myself studying, hoping my students will watch it and study with me.
The channel grew beyond my wildest expectations.
I am thrilled to have a place where I can encourage so many people to study.

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