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The Best FREE Welcome Bot for Discord 2024! (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Do you want to send a customized welcome message to users when they join your server? This is the perfect tutorial for you!

As we embark on 2024, the realm of online communities continues to evolve, bringing people from all corners of the globe into one unified space: Discord. Whether you're a gaming aficionado, a podcast enthusiast, or a digital creator striving to craft a thriving community, ensuring that each new member feels warmly welcomed is crucial. But, what if we told you there's a way to do it effortlessly and, better yet, without spending a dime? Intrigued? Buckle up, because we're about to introduce you to the absolute best FREE Welcome Bot for Discord this year. And guess what? We're not just showcasing its brilliance; we're guiding you through every step to get it up and running. Let's get started! 🤖🎉

First, Add Me: Our Free Discord Bot

Check the button below to invite it to your server 👇

Click here to Invite StudyLion (Free!)

As Leo is now added to your server, after choosing the correct language for you, you can use the following command to start configuring the welcome features of it:

Welcome configuration command on Discord to configure your welcome message
Welcome configuration command on Discord to configure your welcome message

Step 1: Use /dashboard to start configuring your welcome command

After using the command, you will be able to see your server dashboard! Choose the welcome configuration panel and continue following the next step!

Accessing the welcome configuration panel
Accessing the welcome configuration panel

Step 2: The Welcome Configuration Panel

The welcome configuration panel allows you to control everything related to your server's welcome feature. You can choose to greet people in their DMs, or send them to a dedicated channel on your server! You can customize the JSON file (we will discuss it soon, although it's recommended to use our own editor and not an external website) and add many placeholders (they will be replaced with the actual content) as you like! You could even send a different message to users who were already in your server in the past, left, and are now back!

Welcome Configuration Panel
Welcome Configuration Panel

Step 2.1: Choosing the right place to send the message

Before we dive into editing the message itself, choosing where we will even want to send the messages is essential.

Choosing the right place to send the welcome message
Choosing the right place to send the welcome message

Use the welcome_channel command to choose a specific destination, if you unset this option, it will just send the welcome message directly to the private inbox of the user.

2.2 Use Our Own Welcome Message Editor

By clicking "Greeting Msg" or "Returning Msg" you will be able to edit the content of the message yourself!

Welcome Message Editor
Welcome Message Editor

Use the buttons to choose the specific place of the embed you want to edit, while using the drop-down menus will allow you to edit or remove the fields!

This is currently the only bot that offers a built-in welcome message editor!

This step is only recommended for people with coding experience.

Now that we set a place we will want to send the message itself, let's go ahead and edit the welcome message.

This step can look a bit overwhelming, because it involves editing a JSON file, which is a text file with a bit more features to it. But as long as you follow the template, you will do just fine!

Uploading the JSON file of the welcome message
Uploading the JSON file of the welcome message

If you feel brave enough and have some experience with this type of file, you can edit them yourself! However, there are plenty of websites that allow you to make your embed messages easily so that we will use them instead!

Click here to check one of the websites that allows you to edit your embed

Editing the welcome message embed
Editing the welcome message embed

After you edited the message with the current placeholders (they will be replaced with the right information every time) switch to "View Code"

View the code of the embed!

You can now save it as a JSON file (just by pasting it in a .txt file on your computer and saving it as .JSON) and upload it to the welcome message configuration command we saw earlier!

If you can't save it as JSON, you can use websites such as to edit the JSON there and download it.


  1. Initial Setup: Use `/dashboard`, then proceed to the welcome dashboard.
  2. Welcome Configuration Panel: This panel offers flexibility in setting up the welcome feature. Options include sending messages directly to a new member's DMs or to a dedicated server channel. Unique greetings can also be sent to returning users.
  3. Choosing the Message Destination: Utilize the welcome_channel command to specify where the welcome message should be sent. The default setting directs messages to the user's private inbox.
  4. Editing the Welcome Message:

Overall, Leo promises to make the welcome process more interactive and personalized, ensuring every new member feels valued and integrated into the community.